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Does your Project Contain lead?
No need to remove the lead.
We can provide you with
Lead Base Paint
No Sand Blasting - No Containment
and Stops Rust
Saves money
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Lead Abatement Certified

MSHA Certified


Flag Pole Painting
308 Ft high  Highest Pole USA


 High Tower Industrial Plants 


North Dakota Commercial Painting -- North Dakota Industrial Painting  -  Bismarck Industrial painting  Bismarck Commercial Painting

Arizona Tank Painting
Texas Tank painting
 California Tank Painting

 Colorado Tank Painting

Oklahoma Tank Painting
Montana Tank Painting North Dakota Tank Painting


Industrial Commercial Painters
 is a  division of
Great Western Painting

Industrial Commercial Painting

Industrial Tank Inspections

Water Tank Painting

Water Tower Inspections

Industrial Paint  Manufacturers 
Shale gas Fracking 
Industrial Painting Equipment
International Paint Manufactures

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Arizona Tank Painting
Bad Paints & Effects 
California Tank Painting
Clarifier Tank Painting
Custom Car Painting
Factory Painting
Fire Proof Painting
High Rises
Hospital Painting
Ind. Paint Manufactures
Industrial Pipe Painting
Industrial Tanks
Lead Encapsulation
Light Pole Painting
MSHA Certified
Paint Dealers
Safety  & Fall Program
Sand & Hydro Blasting
Shale Gas Fraking
Silo painting
Structural Steel Painting
Texas Tank Painting
Thermal Painting
Utah Tank Painting
Vinyl Wall Covering
Water Towers




 Tank Painting
Elevated WaterTank Painting



Commercial Tank Inspections  

  Industrial Tank Inspections

 Water Tank Inspections





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Dust less Sand Blasting










 MSHA Certified Painters





Ffactories, Plants, Ware Houses  Manufacturing  Industrial  Facilities
  Metal - Decks Ceilings, Machinery   Metal Walls, Metal Roofs

Epoxies, Oil-based and latex  Gloss Paints
Direct-to-rust coatings
Urethanes, Polyurethanes
Industrial Enamels
Dry fall paints  Green Friendly
Low-emissions coatings
Non-slip coatings
Fire Proof Paints -
Thermal Coatings

Industrial & Commercial Painters
( Serving USA

We specialize in Water Towers Industrial Tanks & Logos
High Rise Buildings - Chemical Plants - Factories . Casinos -  Office Structures - Theme Parks
Structural Steel -   Industrial Pipes  - Silos - More

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High Rise Painting
Sky Scrapers

 Water Tower Painting. 
Logos & Tank Inspections

Commercial Painting  of
Resorts - Casinos - Condominiums

Large Industrial & Commercial Buildings

Structural Steel Painting -  Pipes - Safety Rails



Propane Bullet Tanks

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Full Service Commercial & Industrial Painting Contractor


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