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Industrial & Commercial Painting
Water Towers
Industrial Tanks & Logos
High Rise Buildings
Chemical Plants
 Factories - Casinos
  Office Structures
 Structural Steel
 Pipes - Silos -  Light Poles



























































































Acrylic Texture
Bad Paints & Effects 
Clarifier Tank Painting
Custom Car Painting
Factory Painting
Fire Proof Painting
High Rises
Hospital Painting
Industrial Tanks
Light Pole Painting
MSHA Certified
Industrial Pipe Painting
Sand & Hydro Blasting
Shale Gas Fraking
Silo painting
Structural Steel Painting
Thermal Painting
Vinyl Wall Covering
Water Towers


































Hospital Painting

Ascent Walls Exterior Block of rooms at a time Large crews

Large Multi Apartments &  Condominiums  complexes - Institution - Office complexes  Schools - Packing Plants - Process food facilities -  Hospitals - Parking garages - Restaurants  Care Centers - Casino's - Costco, New constructions, Remodels, Malls. Town houses, Pools,

Blocks of Rooms Large Crews


We bring in Large Crews  to accommodate your specific needs and schedule
Our crews work 24/7 nights & weekends including holidays

Time to remove that Dark orange
           Vinyl paper    
        Much Better      


    Wall Texture
     Hotels - Casinos - Hospitals  Restaurants
    Office buildings high  traffic areas.
    Where wall are bumped
    torn scraped,
     scratched and marred

    When product dries on the walls it's like having a iron film to protect you investment.

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