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Safety Programs

Industrial Commercial Painting / GWP 

Tail Gate Safety List

Safety Program

 Fall Safety

See our safety Site  Includs all our Safety Program for Down Load     GWP Safety

Management and supervision of
Great Western Painting Corporate are charged with the responsibility of administering the policy. They have been delegated the necessary authority and are accountable for ensuing a safe and healthful atmosphere. the Safe Work Policy demands that project supervisors shall give safety their personal attention, effort and support. Any supervisor, regardless of his position or longevity with the company, who does not accept this responsibility or fail to adhere to the policy and procedures set forth for safety shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Each employee is empowered to refuse to start or continue in any work in which hazards have been identified and adequate safety measures have not been incorporated.


Fall Protection  Presentation All employees must watch including office personal

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